Special Announcement: Three New Features

Hello, this is Jeff McQuillan from the Center for Educational Development in beautiful Los Angeles, California, with a special announcement about ESL Podcast. First, I want to thank all of you for listening and supporting our podcast.

We have three new features we want to tell you about. First, ESL Podcast now has a blog. This blog allows us to post messages for our listeners about topics that we don’t have time for in our regular podcasts or English Cafes. It also gives you information that helps you better use our podcasts and also what we might call “insider information” about what is happening at ESL Podcast and with us —Jeff and Lucy. Go to our website today to take a look, at ESLPod.com. Click on the Blog item in the menu to see our new blog.

Another exciting change is in our ESL Podcast Memberships. We now have two memberships you can choose from: a Basic Membership and a Premium Membership. The Basic Membership gives you 12 new Learning Guides each month, and you have two weeks to download each Learning Guide. The Premium Membership gives you access to all of our Learning Guides, over 250! And, you can download, with our Premium Membership, the Learning Guides anytime, as long as you remain a member. The Basic Membership is $10 each month; the Premium Membership is $60 for the first month and $10 for each month after that. So, the first month the Premium Membership is $60, the second month is $10, and the third month is $10, and so on, until you cancel. We are very excited to be able to give listeners these two options. To find out more, go to ESLPod.com and click on “Learning Guides” in the menu for more information.

Finally, we have a new course in our ESL Podcast Store. As many of you already know, we have very special Premium Courses on different topics in the ESL Podcast Store for both business and daily English. Our new course is called “English for Business Meetings.” This course teaches you both formal and informal business English needed to participate in business meetings. The course follows two meetings from start to finish, and you’ll hear different speakers giving information, asking questions, discussing topics, and running the meetings. The formal business English is appropriate for important meetings, such as for presentations at conferences or annual company meetings. The informal business English used is useful for smaller meetings, such as daily office meetings or for talking with or interacting with your co-workers.

We’re very excited about these new features. Lucy and I hope that you will visit our website today to check out our new blog, our new memberships, and our new Premium Course, English for Business Meetings.

From Los Angeles, California, I’m Jeff McQuillan. Thanks for listening.